video shit (shoot)

hey all..

we’re having a video shoot for our new single, “Vietnam Giraffe”.

September 7th @ the All Asia in Cambridge, Ma.

if you’d like to be a part of it..
we have the room from 8pm-12am.
so please, by all means, come on down!

the run-down:
the band will be playing along to the song on stage (only a couple of times)
the crowd should be dancing their arses off.
there will be DJs after the band mock-rocks.. and filming will continue till close.
the theme of the video is about normal people in a boston dive bar. (no offense, all asia)
its about YOU ALL EVERYBODY, not the BAND.

some things to remember:
- have a good attitude (there will be some directions given)
- wear solid colors: (no Wu Wear or shirts that say, “what are you looking at, dicknose?”)
- have fun (the most important thing)

we’re doing some minimal shooting at 8pm.
band is on stage around 9pm. (thats when we need more people!)

any questions, feel free to drop us a line!


All Asia Bar
334 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA (Central Square)

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